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  • Apps shame water wasters

    (img1)drought apps (1)

    The statewide water restrictions will begin on Friday and there's quite a few people ready to turn their neighbors if they don't follow the rules. 

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  • 3-day cease-fire announced in Mideast conflict

    Israeli airstrike in Gaza van hit

    REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

    After weeks of fighting and hundreds of deaths, some semblance of peace may be coming to the Middle East -- at least temporarily.

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Thursday that an unconditional humani...

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    By Mariano Castillo, Greg Botelho and Karl Penhaul CNN
  • Marines to walk 300 miles in deadly heat

    One year ago, we were with Cpl. Adam Shatarsky as he began walking from Palm Springs to Washington D.C., taking only a backpack with survival and camping supplies. The Wounded Walk is meant to raise awareness and money for veterans coming home with mental and physical wounds.

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Angel Esparza found guilty of two counts of murder

Angel Anthony Esparza

A Coachella man was convicted Thursday of robbing, abducting and killing two farm workers in Thermal…

Woman crashes into power pole on Washington St.

CHP is investigating after a woman drove off the road and collided with a power pole on Washington…

Marines to walk 300 miles in deadly heat

One year ago, we were with Cpl. Adam Shatarsky as he began walking from Palm Springs to Washington D.C.,…

Supercombos and 'Big Slabs:' Nine unhealthiest restaurant meals

Extreme food bruleed toast It's not the bacon, but the custard filling that gives The Cheesecake…

Piper the pup looking for a new lease on life

Loving All Animals: 7-30-14 (1)

She's cute and cuddly now but not long ago she was a mangled mess.

Goat gives birth in back of animal control truck

An animal control officer had to do a triple take after one goat turned into a trio of goats following a…

Could Ebola come to the United States?

Ebola, West Africa blurb

REUTERS/Tommy Trenchard

Yes, Ebola can come to the United States. But no, there's no reason to panic.

Six obstacles to being a cyborg

Neil Harbisson


As technology takes over our lives, some people are inserting it in their bodies. Cyborgs are people who…

Motorhome destroyed by fire in Palm Springs

Motorhome RV Fire Chevron Palm Springs

No injuries reported in early morning gas station fire as RV was being fueled.

Uber-inspired app brings a doc to your door

doctor checking man's hearing ears

iStock/The Flying Dutchman

When you're sick, sometimes it feels impossible to get out of bed, let alone get to the doctor. And the…

Murrieta woman to appear on ABC competition series tonight


Ashley Guerrero will compete on "The Quest," a series aimed at fans of fantasy and fairytales.

Kim Kardashian's game makes $700,000 a day

The Kardashians on red carpet

CNN Image

Kim Kardashian is famous for doing nothing. Now she's got a game that's pulling in $700,000 a day where…

Water Waster Wednesday

Know a water waster? E-mail your tips, with pictures or video if possible, to Rob.Bradley@cbslocal2.com

Neighbors in gated community say vandalism tied to renter tension


An act of vandalism has left residents in a Rancho Mirage community concerned about their safety.  …

Kids left in hot cars continue to add to death toll

Kids in hot cars

On average, 38 children die of vehicular heat stroke every year because adults forget their kids in a…

Valley Homeowner Claims Bad Street Leads to Flooding

Living in the desert we know many times with sudden heavy downpours, streets tend to flood. The cleanup…

Closer look at Statewide water restrictions

New water restrictions are for the entire state of California, including the Coachella Valley, but how…

Apps shame water wasters

(img1)drought apps (1)

The statewide water restrictions will begin on Friday and there's quite a few people ready to turn their…

Coachella to revitalize downtown businesses for earthquake safety, looks

Downtown Coachella

The City of Coachella approves grant program for downtown property owners to help spruce-up the area and…

Valley water pipes: could the flooding at UCLA happen here?

Valley water pipes: could the flooding at UCLA happen here?

Valley water pipes: could the flooding at UCLA happen here?

Abandoned car tied to missing Palm Springs man

Juan Pedro Valladares

An investigation into a missing Palm Springs man has led authorities to the mountains south of Palm…

Suspect accused of shooting Indio man charged with murder

Nestor Cervantes

A murder charge was filed Wednesday against a 20-year-old Coachella man suspected of fatally shooting an…

Nearly 3,000 pot plants seized from grow site

Authorities in San Bernardino County found an outdoor marijuana grow operation off of Highway 18 in…

Instagram unveils its answer to Snapchat

Instagram Bolt app


If you can't buy them, copy them.

Missing at-risk senior found

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department said a Rancho Mirage man who was reported missing Tuesday has…

Indio COD campus reopens after water leak

The Indio COD Campus closed due to water leak on Tuesday but officials confirmed the campus was back…

WikiLeaks breaks gag order

WikiLeaks on Twitter

Tim Chong/Reuters

They were warned not to share it, but share it they did.


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Jesus, Mary sighted ... everywhere

Angel in hot chocolate mug

Ginger Murray

From a T-shirt to a cheese doodle -- some people say they've seen the likeness of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and other religious figures in a whole host of places.


Malaysia Airlines flight crashes in Ukraine

MH17 crash3

REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

International monitors from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe reached the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site for the first time in almost a week due to increased violence between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russia rebels near the crash site. Take a look at images from the tragedy.

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      While fish can be low maintenance pets, you do need to regularly clean their bowl. Get tips on how to properly clean a fish bowl here.

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