Anti-Trump Resistance rally held in Palm Springs

Watch: Counter protester attempt to drow

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Counter protesters on motorcycles attempted to drown out speakers at an anti-Trump rally in Cathedral City on Monday evening.

A pair of women on Harley Davidson motorcycles revved their motorcycles repeatedly and slowly drove by Civic Center Plaza during the Resistance Summer Rally.

"I think they have the right to speak, we all have the First Amendment right. However, when they are interrupting a 12-year-old girl talking about her hopes and dreams for the United States and living here with her family, that’s a bit antagonistic," said Norberto Gonzalez, regional director for the California Democratic Party.

The boisterous bikers failed to derail 12-year-old Solange Signoret during her speech.

"Will you please say this with me. Resist, resist, resist," Signoret said at the podium.

"Not only should you stand up for your rights, you should stand up for other people’s rights so as people come and help you out you should return the favor," Signoret said.

The disruption was short lived and the bikers left after about an hour. Many of the folks who took to the podium were Democratic Party leaders or people representing immigrant and LGBTQ rights groups.

The rally was held to protest the Trump administration, basically as a whole, but most people spoke out particularly in support of DACA.

"I have a concern for those students who quite frankly have been raised here and came here at a young age, they have done well in school and my hope is that we can keep them here," said Manuel Perez, Riverside County supervisor.

Supporters at the rally believe these grass roots methods will lead to more folks registering as Democrats, which could lead to major influence at the ballot box.

"Our goal is to turn seven red congressional districts blue this year, and that would be our gift to the country in terms of beginning to take back the house," said Greg Pettis, mayor pro tem of Cathedral City.

KESQ and CBS Local 2 reporter Joe Galli talked to the women on the motorcycles. They denied being at the event to counter protest, and said they were only pulling over for a water break. More than a dozen people at the rally said these bikers commonly show up at demonstrations to act as a distraction.


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