Middle school students in Palm Springs speak out on bullying prevention

Middle school students in Palm Springs s

PALM SPRINGS, Calif- - October is anti-bullying month and an anti-bullying group made a stop at a Palm Springs Middle School Sunday morning.

"The trouble that I've been through, I'm still surprised that I still made it through," an sixth grader from Raymond Cree Middle School, said.

Heartfelt messages are being shared by local sixth graders, all of them speaking out against bullying. For eighth grader Solange Signoret, it's something she wants to stamp out.

"If you can't say it next to someone eye to eye, then why are you going to say it behind a screen?"

Singoret says this is personal as she was also a victim of cyber-bullying after an unflattering photo of her was shared on social media.  

"I was making a silly face and she goes.. this is what you look like when your on crack..and it made me that what people think of me," she said.

She was one of several speakers at the "Be You" Boo to Bullying Tour. The aim? Encouraging students to reject bullying and build positive relationships with classmates in person and online.

Blogger Elaine Daneshrad developed a trending hashtag "Woke Up Like this Challenge" which helps to build self esteem and positivity online.

"It was a symbol for me that you can embrace who you are because the most raw authentic person, version of yourself is what you look like when you wake up in the morning," she said.

It's an important point to get across, especially with sobering statistics about bullying. According statistics from, nine out of ten students who are bullied will not report the abuse to a parent or adult. Signoret hope they can help to change those sobering statistics.

"If you see something, say something. If you stay quiet, it empowers the bully and the bully wants to bully you more. Of they see it and say something about it, it's going to help us change," she said.

Change that organizers hope will get more students to speak out.

Details on the tour can be found here.

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