How to prep your pet for an earthquake

What pet items should be in your emergency kit

How to prep your pet for an earthquake

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - With recent earthquakes shaking Southern California, it's more important than ever to be prepared. And while many people are stocking their homes with emergency supplies, pets also need to be accounted for. 

Bones-n-Scones, a local pet supply shop, shared how important it is to keep extra food and water at home for your pets at all times. “We have our large bags which is good for if we have a long term problem," said Jordan Klotz, sales associate, Bones-n-Scones, Palm Springs. 

Klotz added it's a good idea to rotate the backup bag frequently: "When we feed one bag we take it out of the earthquake kit and refill it with a newer bag so we don’t get old.” 

Freeze-dried food is another good option for an emergency kit. "What they do is replicate exactly what raw is and all you do is rehydrate them with water,” said Klotz.  

The shop says it's a good idea to always have a bag or carrier packed with extra towels, blankets, baggies, reflective leashes -- and to consider protective gear even for little paws -- Klotz showing News Channel 3's reporter Madison Weil some sample shoes designed for dogs. "What’s great about them is on the bottom we have a hard surface...usually out here, they are used for hot surfaces...but you know there could be glass or rubble or anything that can happen in an earthquake...and it’ll keep their feet safe,” said Klotz.  

Remember in the event of a quake, many animals might become frightened or escape. Some say microchipping can ensure your pet is trackable. "They do microchipping very cheaply at the Animal Shelter here on Thursday nights,” said Klotz. 

If your pet is not microchipped, at least make sure they have an updated tag with contact information. The shop also has emergency stickers to place on the outside of your home that will inform authorities that you have an animal inside: These are good for firefighters, police...anyone walking by that knows there is an animal inside. It’s definitely good to let people know there is another living being in there,” said Klotz.  


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