Haboob haze blankets Coachella Valley

"Smoky" looking air isn't from the nearby Pilot Fire

PALM DESERT, Calif. - A smoky haze covering the valley isn't from the Pilot Fire, burning in nearby San Bernardino County.

Forecasters say it's actually particulate matter from a habob to the east of the Coachella Valley, along the California-Arizona.

"Tonight because of thunderstorms off to our east, near Blythe, and east of the Colorado river, we get a strong outflow," explained CBS Local 2 Chief Meteorologist Patrick Evans.  "That produces a hood of dust, called a haboob."

"The Pilot Fire is up near Arrowhead/Crestline so until the winds really shift coming out of the north and west, we are going to then, have the possibility of that dust and ash (toward our area)," said Evans.

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