The following sites provide useful data during tropical activity:

National Data Buoy Center This site provides recent marine data (wind speed, direction, gusts; wave heights; air temps; and atmospheric pressure) from buoys and other observation stations.

National Hurricane Center The NHC Tropical Prediction Center offers a wealth of information, including data on aircraft reconnaissance, as well as the latest satellite data. The site also catalogs all bulletins.

FEMA Storm Watch Find out what areas have received emergency disaster declarations and link to state emergency management offices.

NWS Hurricane Awareness This site offers solid hurricane awareness and preparedness tips, plus links to many more resources.

Central Pacific Hurricane Center This site tracks storms that have potential for affecting the Hawaiian islands.

Hurricane Preparedness Week History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. Learn your vulnerability and how to reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.

Historical Hurricane Tracks

National Warning System A list of warnings for hurricanes and other weather events around the country.

American Red Cross Get information on disaster relief initiatives and where to go to get help.

Energy Star Hurricane Help Tips and resources for being energy efficient while rebuilding your battered home.