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Training Day - Part 3

Training Days part 3

LA QUINTA, CALIF. - In the final part of our 3-part series, it's off to the Lake Cahuilla firing range with the College of the Desert Public Safety Academy for a lesson in gun safety and I learn how to shoot a firearm for the first time.

 Training begins with setting up the targets. Then it's time to hit the classroom for instruction.

 For recruit Yesenia Solorio, the Academy became a life-changing experience.

"It helped me find myself, I didn't know who I was honestly, no confidence at all and now I cut my hair it was down to here and now it's like really short and I'm super confident and I'm a little bit more open and more, not aggressive, but aware of everything, it completely changed me," she said.

These three "Training Days" changed me as well. The training provided me a unique perspective on what it takes to become a police officer. The next step, learning how to shoot for the first time.

Lead Instructor Jeff Covington on what he hopes to pass on to recruits, "In the basic academy, which is what they are going through, the foundations that were solid, repetitive got me to where once something occurred it was just like a light switch going on."

Mission Accomplished.

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