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New animal hospital offers low-cost care

New animal hospital offers low-cost care

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. -  Abigail Mighell rescued her dog, jessie, from a shelter.

"She was found in a field when she was a puppy, and so we saw her and we just knew she was the perfect dog for us so we adopted her," Mighell said.

Jessie is getting some shots today at the brand new Save-A-Pet animal hospital in Desert Hot Springs.

"It really gives the owners of these pets a chance to be able to care for their pets the right way," Mighell said. 

The hospital supports the Save-A-Pet shelter, which accepts animals that would be euthanized at other shelters.  Save-A-Pet currently cares for about 125 dogs and cats until they find permanent homes.  

"We do need to taken care of our fur kids and make sure that our dogs and cats are healthy," said Dirk Voss, Board President for Save-A-Pet.    

The hospital offers affordable animal care, including checkups, vaccines and general surgeries.  But most importantly they offer low-cost spay and neuter services to help reduce the need for more shelters. 

"Those are going to be more discounted, those will be typically $20 to $40 cheaper than what might be a market rate pricing for that," Voss said.

This makes adopting much easier for valley residents. 

"Not everyone can afford to give their dogs a regular price for all the care that they need, so some people might just skip the shots or skip the things that their dog needs. Places like this really give the animals a better chance of health and survival," Mighell said.

And the need for animal services in this part of the valley is growing.

"We want to be able to capitalize on that and offer the services so people don't neglect it and people don't not do it because it's not nearby or close to them," Voss said. 

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