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Medical spa using natural elements to heal

Oxygen Therapy

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. -       A medical spa in Desert Hot Springs is helping patients use natural forms of medicine to help recover from injuries and ailments.

     The Living Longer Medical Resort helps cure patients through natural methods including laser therapy, hot spring spas and oxygen therapy through a hyperbaric chamber.

     The increased oxygen flow makes energy for the body to heal, detoxify and restore cells to help heal injuries, infections, brain trauma and gives the patients a rejuvenating feeling.  

     "Generally just feels good, I have a really good sleep when I'm in that chamber. I feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated," said patient Doren Panza.

     "Oxygen is flowing throughout the body. Little aches and pains just snap away and the acidity just pops and disappears and that's what I find so remarkable about the oxygen chamber," said Spa Director Mark Wenner.
     The hyperbaric chamber at the resort is the only oxygen chamber in the desert available for public use.

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