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Boston road to recovery: Living with prosthetics

Coachella Valley resident talks about challenges and benefits of man-made leg

Road to Recovery

PALM DESERT, CALIF. - Some of the Boston Marathon bombing victims are now getting out of the hospital, it's the first step on their road to recovery.

Coachella Valley Orthotics and Prosthetics in Palm Desert helps patients recover after surgery. Dal Eherman Trout lost his leg in a motorcycle crash a few years ago. Trout has recovered through physical and mental rehab at the facility and is back to participating in some of his favorite activities including hiking and basketball.

Trout has a special message for the victims of the Boston Marathon to help encourage them in their recovery.

"Don't give up on yourself, keep going, keep the positive attitude, keep a better positive attitude than you did before you lost everything that you had and I guarantee you that you will see the world around you, the people around you, everybody is changing and you are going to like it because I love it, I love it with everything I have now."

Powerful words from a man who's living proof you can do anything you set your mind to. 

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