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PALM DESERT, Calif. - Although Xavier Prep water polo fell just short in their hunt for a DVL Championship, two senior captains have left the program in pretty good shape for years to come. Both great players, great teammates, and even better people. Impossible to chose just one, so we made them both our student athlete of the week.


BY: Cody Krupp

When you watch Kole Dempter and Ryan Oleson in the pool, they make it look so smooth. A special connection in the water.

"Almost before, like when we are warming up shooting, we can get a feel whose feeling and let them go with the game." Ryan Oleson said

"We can tell when we're on and we're off." Kole Dempters said.

A friendship years in the making.

"We met eac hother in pre school." Dempster said.

Now between scoring goals or keeping points off the scoreboard.

"Ryan hussles down the pool, converts shots when he needs to. I am more of a defender, stay with the bigger guy and try and shut him down." Dempster said of Oleson.

Most importanlty showing the younger players what it takes to be a winner.

"Everybody looks up to them, attitudes are contagious. They are great leaders and great kids and everybody wants to be like them." Head Coach Pavol Valovic said.

Even doing the dirty work.

"They are still cleaning everything up, helping the younger guys, whatever we need they help." Valovic added.

"Even if they need help outside with school and stuff. We give them rides and everything." Oleson said.

Both still figuring out what the college plan will be and you might find Ryan still in a pool next year.

"Don't want to give up the sport that easily. Been putting four good years into it and don't want to give it up.

These two have left a splah on the program, and left a championship standard.






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