Student Athlete of the Week - Tony Boetto

Student Athlete - Tony Boetto

Palm Desert senior Tony Boetto is the backbone and backstop for the Aztec baseball team.

Every time that Palm Desert baseball has taken the field, it could have been the last time for the senior Aztecs.

" I was just coming in the dugout trying to motivate the guys, try to let them know this could be it. The last time we ever stand in the dugout together so we better make the most of it." Student athlete of the week Tony Boetto said.

They have done just that, a 14-inning thriller, a walk off second round, and a fight from behind last Friday. They are not giving up without a fight, an our senior student athlete of the week is both behind the plate and behind the charge. Eyes on the prize for this team on the rise.

"We want the rings, we are trying to go all the way. That will be number one when we get those rings."

"They are going to play however long it takes, we expect this. We play baseball at the highest level, we play all division one teams in the preseason. We get in situations like this all the time and that's what makes us battled tested."

When you see this team play, you can tell they have played together for a very long time.

"Played with Josh since we have been 10-years old, and day in and day out he makes the same throw everyday. One hop to me, as soon as he got the ball I knew it was coming. I was ready for it and we made the play."

For some of those childhood friends just like Boetto, they are college bound athletes. Even destined for the major leagues like Jeremiah Estrada soon to be taken in June's MLB draft. At times the future Santa Clara Bronco might go under the radar, but they all bring the most out of eachother, and bring their own piece to the championship puzzle.

" It is a team thing, I feed off the those. They have showed me how to play and be great. I try to go in there and bring the work ethic and show them that you have to go in day in and day out and be a grinder."

A championship ticket on the line.

" We hope, we hope. Going in there trying to get the ring. Stay tuned."

We're going to have that popcorn popping and enjoy the show.

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