Student Athlete of the Week - Tatiana Martinez

Student Athlete - Tatiana Martinez

"I would strike out guys and they would be like oh a girl struck you out, and I got known for that girl that plays baseball." This week's student athlete of the week Tatiana Martinez of Coachella Valley said.

When high school arrived Tatiana had to trade the baseball for the softball, and now she'll be known as one of the best to ever wear the Arab's uniform.

"For what she does for us, pitches, plays short, our lead off hitter, she's special and I'm glad she plays for us." said Paul Salow, Head Coach at Coachella Valley.

A school record 52-hits on the season but that's not the line in the resume she'll remember most.

"I was nervous but it came through, in my mind I was literally praying that we would win and it came true, and tomorrow they are just going to say, oh you're league champs and I'm going to say yes." Martinez said.

With the senior arm pitching the final outs, Coachella Valley held on for their first league title since 1999 and Martinez has always dreamed big.

"I wanted to be different, I wanted to be the only girl in baseball and be in the MLB but it never came true." Martinez added.

Maybe not the MLB but sure could have held her own with the guys.

"Throws the ball as hard as anyone here on our campus so I think she could have been." Salow said of his senior.

So it's a safe guess to expect nothing less when it comes to her playoff bound Arabs.

"This is not the end, we want to win CIF too."

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