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Rancho Mirage senior tennis star Tatiana Harvey was the top player on the Rattlers tennis team last season, leading the program to its first ever CIF championship.


"I honestly will always remember the day we won," said Harvey.

That smile might be as contagious as her hard work, but don't take Tatiana Harvey lightly with a racket in her hand. It is game on.

"It goes behind her record on the court, leader of the team, captain for the four years she has been here and simply an asset if you don't have you won't win a championship, certainly not a CIF Championship," said Owen McIntosh, Rattlers head coach.

What a career it's been for Harvey, 3-straight De Anza league titles and 35-0 a season ago. Undefeated regular season both as a freshman and a sophomore - it's going to open many doors.

"My dream goal is to pursue tennis and become a coach one day. My goal is to get some kind of scholarship," said Harvey.

It is her success that has helped open the doors to a growing program.

"We have had a bunch of girls that have never played on a team because of the championship and want to be part of that team that can go through that again," said Harvey.

"Lot of them express, not in words, but actions that I want to be like Tatiana," said McIntosh.

A 4.0 in the classroom, the personality of a true friend, and the heart of a championship. Lets see if it helps add yet another Rattler's title.

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