Student Athlete of the Week - Madison Walker

Student Athlete

Palm Desert Aztec standout golfer Madison Walker is the featured student athlete of the week for her exceptional skill on the golf course and strong academics.


By Cody Krupp

Around the same time that Tiger Woods became the youngest to ever win the Masters, the Palm Desert girls golf program took their first ever swing.

"We have three more matches and if we finish those matches with wins it is 20-years undefeated in the Desert Valley League." Palm Desert Head Coach Kurt Ney said.

Nearing 20-years later and they have yet to lose a conference battle. 19-time DVL Champions!

"We talk a lot about it before our matches, watching them and learning from them. Watch their work ethic and the way they are coached and approach the game." Lisa Johnson, Cathedral City Head Coach said.

The Palm Desert Aztecs are in good hands to make it an even 20 with senior Madison Walker just knowing how to win.

"Definitely a pressure I held on my shoulders and I think everyone on the team knows how important it is to keep the title. I know how much one score counts for the team so I think that is one thing they get from me." Student athlete of the week Madison Walker said.

Like many of our great local golfers, she has been practicing her sport since she could walk.

"I remember the first time I picked up golf clubs, my Snoopy set." Walker said.

Although she has a passion for the sport.

"Best feeling in the world, I think I am a little bit of a golf nerd. I say the best feeling in the world is a pure shot and the best feeling in the world is a pure shot." Walker added.

It has not been as easy as she makes it seem.

"There is definitely points throughout the 4-years that I wanted to stop playing golf cause I would be so hard on myself. I think my team really rose, helped me rise up and get to where I am today."

This Aztec is headed on a full scholarship to the University at Albany.

"Gave me confirmation that all the hard work I have put in for the past 6, 8-years has really paid off." Walker said.

Nearly 2,800 miles away from home but as long as she is on the golf course it will give her a feeling of home. 

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