Student Athlete of the Week - Luis Fernandez

Student Athlete - Luis Fernandez

The Shadow Hills senior cross-country runner was born deaf, but that hasn't disabled him from doing what he loves. He may not have his hearing, but he has plenty of heart.


Story by Cody Krupp

"Seeing people cheer for me makes me happy." Luis Fernandez smiled and said.

A family full of support and a runner proud to wear the school name on his jersey, he is trying to lead the way to the finish line.

"Been trying to stay in front, try to stay with the top runner so I can imporve as I go along." Fernandez added.

The rest of the runners trying to keep pace with Luis Fernandez, who came in 2nd place and left all he had on the course during DVL meet number one.

" I feel good!" Fernandez exclaimed.

"Hard worker, anything I tell him to do he will do. A team player and one of my favorite athletes I have ever had." Head Coach Richie DeTamble said about his senior runner.

Although what he hears might be different than you and me, it is is the same great feeling.

"I can feel the footsteps, I hear the footsteps, something loud, people cheering." The Student Athlete of the Week said.

A 3.5 GPA and dreams to be a coach someday.

"I want to go to Junior college for two years, and eventually coach cross country." Fernandez finished with.

"Kids with disablities, come and join it. You can do it too! If my son can do it anyone can." said Fabiola Leal, the mother of Luis.

Just because you can't hear, doesn't mean you can't make some noise.



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