Student Athlete of the Week - Lucas Lopez

Student Athlete Lucas Lopez

Yucca Valley senior star Lucas Lopez is our featured student athlete of the week for his efforts on the football field and in the classroom.



So Lucas Lopez might not be Michael Jordan, but man can this kid fly.

"Pre game reads, watch the way they tackle and if they hit low next I see him I will jump. Not always though, it just happens kind of." Student Athlete of the Week Lucas Lopez said.

In 2016 he took flight for over 1,700 total yards and 25 touchdowns. It caught the radar for some division-1 programs.

"See how this year turns out, they are very interested but see how it turns out." Lopez said of his college interest.

"Think he has the ability to go to San Diego St. or D-1 school. He is going to be going somewhere by the end of the year." Trojans Head Coach Andrew Amosa said.

Although an injury has changed the plans a bit for 2017 he expects to be back soon. Ready of course to try and beat their rival 29 Palms but this Trojans team has even bigger goals which is a run at a CIF Championship.

"We aren't really focusing on them right now, it's a big game. I feel like it's a big game for the people more then it is us. We want to get to playoffs and of course beat 29, but our main goal is to get to the playoffs." Lopez said of the team's goals.

Number 24 has been born and raised in Yucca Valley with all the accloades and success.

"Mainly notice it is funny it is at my barbershop, when I go there. They talk about me alot, it's funny." Lopez said.

He definitely has the support of his family and sends the love right back to his community.

"He is always talking to people, a lot of charisma. He won homecoming king last week." Coach Amosa added of Lopez

We are all hoping that the king gets healthy and back on the field because this Trojan team has some goals to cross off their list.

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