Student Athlete of the Week - Lauren Robinson

Student Athlete - Lauren Robinson

Get up, get out of here, and gone. Before Lauren Robinson gets up and out of La Quinta to continue her softball career in college, she has one goal in mind.

"It would mean the world, coming up real fast. Nine more days left, it is relieving but scary at the same time. I feel like we are a family and to be able to prove from freshman year to senior year would mean a lot." Lauren Robinson, the student athlete of the week said.

With every great skill, there is hours of working at the craft behind the scenes.

"A lot of the girls watch me hit and say like wow you're so good but I go home and work on the tee all the time." Robinson added.

Robinson may have learned a thing or two from her new coach, Brianna Luna was a former Blackhawk herself and went on to a college career as an Iowa Hawkeye.

"So I'm not even goning to lie she is probably definately stronger than I am, but I can hit the ball over the fence too. It's hard, I am almost speechless because she has done so much for this team and it's going to be sad to see her go next year." said Brianna Luna, first year head coach of La Quina.

It's the players like Lauren that will help the future of the program continue their incredible streak of 11-straight DVL Championships.

"Look to me for guidance and I just want to be the player they look up to and just do our thing." Robinson finished.

She's pretty smart too.

"4.0 GPA."  

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