Student Athlete of the Week - Braxton Wehrli

Student Athlete - Braxton Wehrli

The Saints' senior suffered a season ending knee injury that required surgery. And although sideline for the rest of 2017, he remains an important part of the program.


The first game of 2017, Braxton Wehrli flying around and making his presence known. Doing his thing both at Slot Back and Free Safety, but all it takes is one play for things to change.

"15-yard run, being dragged down from behind and my knee hyper-extended. Heard like a pop and a crunch and it did not feel good," said Wehrli.

An ACL torn, and that would be the end of his high school football career. Of course he is disappointed.

"Pretty depressing that your season is over but my school is helping me out and behind me. Coach Dockery will put the right people in my position and they will come through," said Wehrli.

Just like they are there for him, he is there for them.

"Here as often as I can to help support. Coaching at a wide receiver position. I have a lot of really really good friends, just being able to spend time with them before we leave off for college," said Wehrli.

Speaking of college, this will likely not be the end for this talented football players career.

"Really not too many things on the football field he can't do. Just hasn't been able to put it all together and show it on the tape for colleges yet. His height, his size, his weight, he can run. There is going to be an opportunity for him but the main thing is focusing on getting healthy and being a kid but just enjoy his senior year," said head coach James Dockery.

You may have seen the last of #8 in a Saints uniform, but you have not heard the last of Braxton Wehrli. 

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