Student Athlete of the Week - Anthony Murillo

Student Athlete - Anthony Murillo

Last week we introduced the West Shores football team in Salton City, an 8-man football program that had their future up in the air with low numbers and no head coach.

A big part in keeping the team together has been their center and senior captain Anthony Murillo, the heart and soul of the Wildcats.

"If my center says we are going to audible to this play I trust him completely to make the right call."

A 6-ft, 320-pound center with the responsibilities of a quarterback. Anthony Murillo certainly isn't your typical offensive linemen.

"Take on myself to push myself to keep the team going and help the team out."

"He's an extension of me, and the coaching staff on the field. Picks up on blitzes, makes all the calls for the offensive line, he audibles."

They even trust the big guy with changing calls at the line of scrimmage. As Murillo shouts out those calls, it will someday be not just his teammates hearing him but college coaches.

"Make it happen for sure, keep going on playing past the four years."

Definitely want to send them some film on Anthony. I am pretty sure, D-3, NAIA would give him a good look."

The game of football is soon going to take their senior center away from the Salton Sea. For now it is about making this a team to remember for the last team on the Salton Sea.

"Win games this year, take it all the way."

"No one talks about West Shores, my mission is to number one make us competitive and have people talk about us."

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