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Student Athlete of the Week - Julian...

THERMAL, Calif. - "Trying to make history, and make the playoffs. Our school hasn't made the playoffs in quite awhile." Student athlete of the week Julian Inzunza said.

It's no secret that the city of Coachella is a soccer mecca with talent all over the youth leagues that extends up the ranks. It is the first passion of many but this spring it's the high school baseball team making a name for itself going for their first playoff berth in nearly 30-years under the strong arm of Julian Inzunza.

"Some have told me there is times they say they don't need me out there, don't need to play any defense because they don't make contact, but that is not the point. You are always going to need fielders. Teams are always going to make contact so it's not you as one person but the whole team together." Inzunza said.

"We are in a good position, top-3 teams go to the playoffs. We are right there and it's going to come down to the final week, we play Yucca Valley and likely will be winner of that series goes." Head Coach of Coachella Valley Chris Paterson said.

Last week the Arabs were winners of their first rotary championship in 20-plus years and it's coming down the stretch. Every game matters especially for Julian with scouts on hand.

"CBU coach came out here, they liked what they saw." Paterson said.

"I didn't notice he was here until after the game and it made me glad that I did good and was able to see that I was able to do good with a three days rest so I should be good with what he saw." Inzuzuna added about having a scout on hand.

When our student athlete of the week isn't pitching, he is doing everything else.

"Catcher, pitching, 3rd, short, and I played 2nd a couple of times." Inzunza said.

When he hits the mound, it is game time.

"Everytime I start my goal is to play the whole game and not use my bullpen. Minimize my pitches and try to get the most strikeouts I can every game." said Inzunza.

Doing it for the city he was born and raised.

"Pleasure being here, making history here for Coachella. Try to get the name out there that way scouts and other people know that people out here in Coachella can do it as well. Not just people in Palm Desert, La Quinta." Inzunza said.

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