Student Athlete - Charles Reiter

Student Athlete - Charlie Reiter

"I'm pretty much known as a gambler when it comes to par 5's, always rather go for it than lay up."

For now Charlie Reiter walks down 18 of our local courses representing the Palm Desert Aztecs, more often then not the victory already signed, sealed, and delivered. A 10-stroke victory at the DVL Championship after shooting a 65 at the Classic Club and in no time we'll be hearing the name Reiter walking down 18 of Augusta on an April Sunday. One step at a time, which starts with time and dedication.

"Everyday practicing right after school till dark, the times you have to get it in." Reiter said.

"How much time? Unmeasurable number. I've been driving him to tournaments since he was for." Mike Reiter, Charlie's father said.

As a sophomore he won the CIF Southern Section title becoming just the 3rd area athlete to complete the feat, and followed it up at the State Championships with the highest ever finish from local. He is just getting started, and still two more runs at state to make history.

"If I win this year I'll be tied for the record, and senior year if I win I would beat the record by one with winning three years in a row. I would be the only person to have done that, that is what I set out to do at the beginning of golf season this year so hope I can accomplish it that's for sure. Be the best in the state, best in Palm Desert High, that's what I strive for." Reiter said.

His time at USC soon to be, and many have asked him if heading right to the PGA might be his best bet, but Charlie understand the big picture.

"Honestly finishing school at USC is a great thing. The alumni group is so supportive, getting out at 22, you still got from 22 to 50 to play on the PGA tour and that's a lot of years of golf.

Until then he'll be swinging away for a State Championship, and then a National Championship with the number one college program in the nation, but he'll always remember where it started.

"People in Minnesota can't even golf for 4-months, to be able to golf everyday with perfect weather year round is absolutely wonderful. Born and raised here, all 17 years here, I am loving it." Reiter finished. 

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