Senior saxophonist at Palm Desert plays unique part in Aztecs' athletic success

Saxophone playing PDHS senior key to Azt

You can spot Chase Huna in a crowd of people without a problem because of his thick flowing red hair and big blue eyes. But you don't need to see what he's all about. Rather, just listen.

Chase is a saxophone player for Palm Desert high school, (NAT) performing the National Anhem before many of the games.

"I've heard that it really preps up the teams before the games and they love it and I love playing for them and it's very fun and energetic to be able to play the anthems," said Huna.

"Chase, he's a great guy, great saxopohone player. He gets us fired up before the games, he knows what he's doing and really helps us out," said Tony Boetto, Aztecs senior baseball player.

"He just gets the game going and he's really talented with his instrument and he's just a great asset and it's fun for him to start the game off for us," said Karli Manney.

Chase has started games for softball, baseball and basketball this season, but he started playing the saxophonoe when he was 10 years old.
And now, a graduating senior at Palm Desert high school, his lifelong passion will be his career.

"I'm actually not heading to college. I'm just going on the road. I got a summer tour lined up and I'm excited for it."

Music may not be a sport. But it certainly plays a role with athletes. And for Palm Desert, Chase Huna has been that guy. He's the role player every team needs in order to win a championship.

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