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Student Athlete of the Week - Jesus Nunez

Student Athlete of the Week Jesus Nunez

Every day Jesus Nunez nicknamed Chuey dives closer and closer to his goal.

"My goal is to go to CIF, be the first person from Desert Mirage to go to CIF for swimming. It is going to be fantastic. History here being made." Student athlete of the week Nunez said.

Actions speak louder than words.

"Started pushing myself even more and to show an example to my team as the captain that I am the last two years, show an example that anyone can do anything. You can go to CIF." Nunez added.

"Keep practicing and get him there towards the end of season, CIF here we come. First person in Desert Mirage history to hopefully make CIF." Desert Mirage Head Coach Michelle Lutz said.

It wasn't till his sophomore year that Chuey picked this sport up. 

"I wish I had him all 4-years cause we could have really dominated." Lutz said of Jesus.

He is making up for lost time by keeping his eyes on the prize and starting with the little things.

"I am focusing on my technique for swimming. I always am like if I do a little mistake, oh my foot turn was quick enough then I need to improve this and make it quicker. Most of the people on the swim team tell me I am thinking about birds or something like that. I am not like them, I am like I can fix this and do this better and stuff like that." Nunez said.

He takes care of the work in the classroom, a 3.8 GPA and the future in sight.

"I want to be a computer engineer. My dream is to go to UC-Irvine I just am waiting for them to accept me. I hope they do." Nunez said of his career.

With the support system around him the sky is the limit.

"They mean a lot to me. Always motivating me to do better. Everyone is encouraging me to do better. Everyone knows my goal is to go to CIF this year and I love my team. They are the best team. Always encouraging me and just the best." Nunez said of his teammates.

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