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Palm Springs Boxing Club answers the bell

06-11 Palm Springs Boxing Club answers the bell

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -  The Palm Springs Boxing Club answered the bell at the So Cal State Amateur Boxing Championships in Menifee.Over 240 boxers entered the 3rd annual event and the Palm Springs Boxing Club took 12 fighters and all 12 made the finals,  9 championship belts were won. Here are the results:

Cayden Griffiths - won the 60 lb division, 8 years old.

Phillip Romero - won the 101 lb division, 12 years old.

Issac Romero - won the 119 lb division, 13 years old.

Bryan Galloway - won 138 lb division, 17 years old.

Ryan Lee -  won the 141 lbs division, 28 years old.

Darryl Stone -  won 2 different wieght classes never done in a tournament before 165 lb class and 178 lb class 13 lbs he gave up  got 2 belts, 20 years old.

Raymond Romero -  125 lb division runner up,  14years old.

Jaques Prohoroff - 11 year old runner up.

Areon Lapuz- 80 lb division runner up, 13 years old.
Jubei Ancheta - 123 lb division runner up, 16 years old.

Freddy Diaz - 132 lb division runner up, 17 years old.

Brian De Dios - 114 lb division runner up, 17 years old.

Kalub Aviles - 65 lb division runner up, 9 years old.

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