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Student Athlete of the Week - Mikey Mathews

Mikey Mathews is the Student Athlete...

Mikey Mathews ended his senior season short because of an injury but he made his mark at Shadow Hills as a star player and strong leader for the Knights. His work ethic on the court and classroom, along with his positive attitude, make him our student athlete of the week.

All it takes is one second of one game to change the course of a season.

"Ruptured tendon and high degree ankle sprain and basically out for the season." Student athlete of the week Mikey Mathews said.

Of course Mikey Mathews wants to be able to finish what he started.

"It's really frustrating not being able to finish it out with my brothers and everything. It's a terrible thing but everything happens for a reason." Mathews said on his recent injury.

Instead of just feeling bad for himself, he's already getting back to work.

"Knowing him he is trying to figure out a way to get back in the gym, get that splint off, and do some voodoo magic or something to get ready to roll." Head Coach Aaron Wiltrout said.

"The second I get my splint off I am rehabbing man, second it comes off I am back on it. Hopping back on it to see where I can be at and hopefully have a chance at playoffs." Mathews said of his rehab process.

There is a chance that if the Knights can advance a round or two in the playoffs they can get their senior captain back in the line up but if not his basketball career is not over yet.

"Playing is playing man, if I can play anywhere with COD, D-3, NAIA, it's playing. That's my dream." Mathews said of his hopeful college basketball career.

"Wherever he goes they will have an instant scorer, a guy who is dedicated to the team and a great teammate." Wiltrout said of his senior captain.

Right now Mathews is looking at becoming a nurse practitioner or chiropractor, taking his own experiences and run with it.

"I came into high school and torn my meniscus, and I am leaving on a ruptured tendon so I just want help athletes get out of the situation I am in. Get back on the court or field with whatever they play."

Nominate a student-athlete of the week!


  1. 3.0+ GPA

  2. Strong contributor to his/her team

  3. Person of good character

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