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Student Athlete of the Week - Jaidah Martin

Jaidah Martin

Rancho Mirage senior soccer star is the latest student athlete of the week. She's a goal scoring machine and has helped lead her team to being one of the top programs in our area.

Rancho Mirage senior Jaidah Martin can kick the ball a mile.

"Just a matter having enough space. I know I can shoot far, so if I have the space and nobody is in front of me why not take the chance and it goes in." Student athlete of the week Jaidah Martin said.

"I been actually hoping and waiting for her to pull a shot from distance because she has tried to be too perfect about it." Head Coach Garrett Estrin said of her long distance ability.

Whether last year it was kicking goals or helping her team keep the ball out of the goal.

"Honestly last year we lost a lot of defenders and I ended up playing more of a mid-defender/forward, wherever coach needed me!" Martin said of her position flexibility.

Game by game, and win by win the goal for this team just kept going higher and higher.

"It was really exciting because of previous years our only goal was to make it past first round and we made it past that and took it game by game and came out successful." Martin said of last season.

Martin moved to the desert from New Mexico her freshman year and the game of soccer helped her feel right at home.

"Just trying to find my set group of friends and like minded people. If you have different goals you cant accomplish what you try to accomplish. Me personally, finding my group of friends we all have the same goal, we all play soccer together, go to church, we are pretty stable." Martin said of her move to the desert.

She isn't sure quite yet where home will be next year but she plans to continue the sport she loves.

"I plan to play college soccer. I have different schools that started to talk to my coach and what not. Honestly just comes down to whoever is willing to give me a full ride and pay for my education." Martin finished.

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