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Student Athlete of the Week - Adrianna Moreno

Student Athlete Adrianna Moreno

Adrianna Moreno helped lead the Coachella Valley girls soccer team to a co-championship in the De Anza League this season. Her and the Arabs now look to make a strong run in the playoffs.

Losing a game never feels good but when it's penalty kicks after two overtimes that knock you out of the chance of making it to the CIF semi-finals it's going to sting even more.

"I feel like losing in the quarterfinal wasn't the end. I feel like we had more to put out." Student athlete of the week Adrianna Moreno said.

That is when a year later you're going to need your senior captain to step up and remind the squad what they are capable of achieving.

"Person on the roster that tells people when it's time to go and keeps them honest on the things that need to be done." Head Coach Francisco Morales said of his captain.

"Just my personality, I know we are capable of executing on the field but sometimes they get a little out of hand." Moreno said.

Yes of course the outright league title would have been nice but they are not thinking about it twice.

"We are putting in work right now to hopefully go to state and accomplish the goals that we have." Moreno said. 

Ever since they were 6-years-old  a lot of these girls have been playing soccer together, and now 12-years later we're talking college soccer with our senior student athlete of the week.

"When we were little it was just for fun, now that we are growing and learning new stuff, knowing that we have the ability to play at the college level." Moreno said of the growth of her team.

"She is going through the process right now of talking to quite a few schools, she's emailing quite a few schools. We are excited for her and she is the perfect example of what this program symbolizes." Morales added.

So with the playoffs starting this week you have to expect an Arab's squad with the chip on the shoulder and the senior captain showing her team the way.

"Having this band doesn't mean a thing, I am still the same person I am. Tell them what to do and have them focused." Moreno finished.

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