From our desert to the deserts of Afghanistan: The Nu'uvali Fa'apito Story

Nu-uvali Fa-apito

LA QUINTA, Calif. - It's been a crazy life changing year for 2011 La Quinta graduate Nu'uvali Fa'apito. From battling on the football field to the war in Afghanistan, Cody Krupp has more on the former Blackhawk football player turned Army Ranger.

The  Nu'uvali Fa'apito Story: 

First came running on to the football field at La Quinta High School.

"Wrapped my whole world around football, around high school football." Nu'uvali Fa'apito said.

"I think I learned more from Nu'uvali than he ever learned from me." La Quinta Head Coach Dan Armstrong said.

"Everything was about it. I remember the LQ vs PD, if you had that flag you had the most pride." Fa'apito added about his time at La Quinta.

Then came a football scholarship to Colorado State, which led to 5-seasons of college football in Fort Collins.

"Try to dominate the guy in front of me, that's how Coach Bobo actually found my talent at fullback." Fa'apito said.

"Nu'uvali  my favorite linebacker, nope. my favorite full back, nope. My favorite CSU player." Head Coach at Colorado State Mike Bobo said.

A college degree but not sure what the future would have in store.

"Finally put my foot down and was like I'm only 24. While I am still young and my knees still work I mine as well live out my dream and join the military." Fa'apito said about his decision.

Now he is an Army Ranger and Airborne Infantryman. Before he knew it he was on the way to Afghanistan.

"All of a sudden I first walked in and they said all you new guys are going to get deployed, I was like alright here it goes. Back to the desert heat like it was in La Quinta. Least I was kind of used to it." Fa'apito said.

Definitely not going through this alone.

"Family members, friends, people from my alma mater at Colorado State, at La Quinta. I saw the news video you guys did. 

We wish him and his family much luck, but will be on this wall forever.

"Everything with all the support I have makes it all worth it."

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