Coach Vinny leading DHS wrestling program after adversity

Coach Vinny leading DHS wrestling program

The beloved coach of the Golden Eagles who led DHS wrestling to a league title in 2011 is back with the program trying to build them up despite difficulties in and outside of the gym.


His wrestlers know him as Coach Vinny and he took over a struggling Desert Hot Springs program back in 2006. 

"First 3-years were tough. Trying to round up students, trying to round up wrestlers that had potential but didn't want to come out. We kept trying and trying." Desert Hot Springs Head Coach Vicente Mejorado said

It was just 5-years later that he had his team hoisting a league title for the first time in school history.

"They were excited, they were like jumping out of their shoes." Coach Vinny said of his 2011 team.

Then in a very short time losing family members that he held close to his heart.

"My fifth death in my family that I was trying to recover, and spend time with my other family that was still alive." Vinny said.

Three years then he was away from a team he had put his blood sweat and tears in. He wasn't about to let it just disappear last year.

"Thinking about terminating the program. I was really hurt, and that moment I turned and said coach, I'll be glad, more than glad to come back and coach." Vinny reflects.

Just over a month ago, Coach Vinny suffered a heart attack.

"Thanks from all the prayers from everyone I was able to pull through." Coach said.

As wrestlers were of course worried about their coach, but what his health would mean for their season on the mat.

"Wrestlers were really really hurt, cause they thought they weren't going to be able to wrestler this year." Coach added.

"Seeing him back in there and everyone came in to give him a hug." Senior Captain Tylar Liloy said.

He was going to be there day in and day out giving it all he has just as you can expect his wrestlers will do. Not just for their school, but their coach.

If you'd like to help raise money for wrestling program please contact (760) 699-1797!

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