Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher did not reveal any deep, dark secrets to the media, but Albert Pujols was a bit annoyed that Hatcher talked publicly about what was said during an Angels' hitting meeting.

Pujols, who is experiencing one of the worst slumps of his career, was one of the Angels players who spoke at the meeting on Monday before the series opener against Minnesota, Hatcher said, according to CBSSports.com.

Hatcher told some of the Angels beat reporters that Pujols told his teammates at the meeting that he won't be flailing as he has so far. He also said he has been with clubs that have handled losing streaks and hitting slumps to have success.

But when Pujols found out after Monday's game what Hatcher had told the media, he was not pleased.

"Mickey should have never told you guys that," Pujols told reporters. "That stuff needs to be private. He should have never told the media. What we talked about at the meeting, not disrespecting Mickey, but that stuff should stay behind closed doors."

Pujols said he plans to talk to Hatcher about it.