Former NFL wide receiver Cris Carter admitted in an interview on Tuesday that he put bounties on opposing players during his playing career.

"I'm guilty of it," Carter said on ESPN Radio, according to NBC Sports' "It's the first time I've ever admitted it. But I put a bounty on guys before. I put bounties on guys. And the guys tried to take me out, a guy tried to take a cheap shot on me, I put a bounty on him, right now."

The league has handed out a number of suspensions recently for alleged involvement in a bounty system with the New Orleans Saints. Saints coach Sean Payton and linebacker Jonathan Vilma have been suspended for the entire 2012 season, and former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely.

Carter said that when he was with the Minnesota Vikings the bounties weren't used "to maim or hurt" opponents, only to protect the Vikings' stars, such as quarterback Daunte Culpepper and wide receiver Randy Moss.

Carter said if he heard a defensive player was going after him, he would "put a little change on his head before the game" so his team's guards would "protect" him.

Carter mentioned former linebacker Bill Romanowski as an example

"Protect myself, protect my family," said Carter. "That's the league that I grew up in."

Carter said other player used bounties when he played.

Carter played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1989 when Eagles coach Buddy Ryan allegedly put bounties on Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and kicker Luis Zendejas. The league never found proof bounties were involved in that game.

"I saw guys getting wiped out, guys going for the money," Carter said of that game.