After three consecutive days of intense negotiations and talks with at least four different NBA teams, the Brooklyn Nets gave up all hope of acquiring Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard on Wednesday, and they turned their attention to giving a maximum contract to Brook Lopez instead.

It was reported that Lopez had agreed to a four-year, $61 million contract with the Nets a deal that ended all hope of acquiring Howard.

There were reports on Monday that had Howard bound for the Nets in a four-team deal involving six draft picks and as many as 10 players. That deal was rumored to be extremely imminent, with only some minor tweaking and ironing out to be done, but two days later, it was officially dead, when both the Nets and Magic announced that the deal was over and the Magic was going to concentrate on hiring a new head coach, rather than dealing Howard.

It ended a frustrating year-long courtship, one that had Howard telling anyone and everyone that the only team he would play for in 2012-13 would be the Nets.

Now, that seems impossible to happen, especially since Lopez, the centerpiece of the proposed Howard trade from the Nets' standpoint, cannot be dealt until January at the earliest.

Howard can become an unrestricted free agent after next season, which has discouraged most teams from making an equal-value offer unless he will commit to the future.

Howard had been pushing for a trade to the Nets, who are moving into a new arena in Brooklyn next season. The Magic also had been talking with the Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets, but nobody was offered enough to make the deal worthwhile for the Magic.

"What I've said from Day One is that we will do whatever it is that's in the best interests of this organization," said new Magic general manager Rob Hennigan. "I'm going to stand firm on that."

The Magic considered a deal with the Lakers, but they were concerned with the health of center Andrew Bynum.

Hennigan said he would not rule out the possibility of Howard opening training camp with the Magic, despite Howard's desire for a trade. Howard had an opportunity to become a free agent this summer, which would have solved all his problems, but late last season declined to opt out of the final year of his contract.

"I'm not worried about our personal feelings," Hennigan said. "If I get some gray hairs because of it, so be it. We're going to do what we think is the best decision for us."