Want to know where every player aligned on every play of every NFL game this season? The league has a package for that.

NFL.com will carry the "coaches' film" or blimp view camera angle for every regular-season game played in 2012 as part of the league's "Game Rewind" package. It will be available for full season subscription for $69.99 this season for the first time ever.

The NFL said the "All-22" angle was made available because passionate fans were clamoring for it.

It's the preferred camera angle used by scouts, coaches and league personnel in evaluating players, formations and team tendencies -- such as blocking schemes, play-calling charts and statistical analysis, including team-tracked tackle totals.

The video is edited to show only the play, with timeouts, commercials and pre-snap huddles and distance measurements edited out.

Games will be available after the completion of all games in a given week during the regular season.