Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was fined $25,000 by the NBA for publicly commenting on officiating before Thursday night's Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers.

The fine was doled out on Friday, reported.

Before the game, which the Heat won to close out the series and advance to the Eastern Conference finals, Spoelstra said officials had been ignoring several hits to the head against LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in the series.

Spoelstra read from a statement after the league suspended Heat forward Udonis Haslem for Thursday's game after a flagrant foul in Game 5. Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough was not suspended for a flagrant foul on Wade.

What Spoelstra read in the statement was what got him in trouble.

"The league does not have a problem with hard fouls on our two main guys," Spoelstra said. "In nine games now, there's been over a dozen hard fouls to the face, some of the tomahawk variety, some have drawn blood. They don't have a problem with it so we don't have a problem with it. We'll focus on what we can control."

The Heat will host Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals against either the Philadelphia 76ers or Boston Celtics on Monday.