Powerful Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive made it clear that the playoff system overhaul wasn't near completion at Wednesday's meeting of conference commissioners in Chicago focused on overhauling the outgoing BCS plan.

That meant adding a second day of talks that weren't on the agenda, with more focus on the BCS scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Thursday.

The meetings were designed as follow-up to preliminary discussions held in suburban Chicago last week. The focus, Slive and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said, is on formation of a four-team playoff.

Among the issues to be resolved in time for a formal presentation to school presidents planned for next week is the selection process of the four teams. Some have been steadfast in the position that only conference champions should qualify for the "Final Four." However, Delany and Slive both said that won't be a hard-and-fast rule.

The inclusion of a wild card is one consideration. How that wild card is selected -- and the rankings system or selection committee used overall -- are significant question marks.

Last year's national champion, Alabama, would not have qualified for a four-team playoff of conference champions. The Crimson Tide lost to LSU, 9-6 in overtime last November, and then the Tigers won the SEC championship game.