Women might soon have more access to abortions - a statement that sparks strong emotion. 

"They should have all the access they need. It's their choice. Why should they be put into a back room?" Ellen Delvalle said. 

"I'm much more in favor of contraception being easily available than abortion being easily available," Aubrey Carter said. 

It looks pretty likely that nurse practitioners, physicians' assistants and certified nurse midwives will be able to perform first-trimester abortions. 

"We did a big study over five years, and it was determined that advanced practice clinicians provided exactly the same level of safety in their care in these early abortions. It was proven time and time again," Allison Harris from Planned Parenthood said. 

Harris said women deserve more access.

"Almost 50% of our counties don't have an accessible abortion provider for women. So although they have the right to an abortion, not having access is a huge barrier," Harris said. 

Not everyone feels so strongly about the bill.

"Easier access would just push it more so to have the abortion done, rather than to really think about the situation," Sarah Miller said. 

"I just really am in more favor of contraception, prevention from the start," Carter said. 

The bill passed the state Senate Monday and is expected to be approved by the California Assembly this week. 

"AB 154 is great because it really expands the quantity of care while not sacrificing any of the quality. The safety is there. Now we just need to up the access," Harris said.