The new baby giraffe at The Living Desert has been given a $1,000 name. Los Angeles resident Roxana Givner bid $1,025 on eBay to claim the honor.

Meet Kubwa (Coo-Bwa), or 'Big'.

It was the first eBay auction The Living Desert has held for the purpose of naming one of its animals. About 100 people entered the auction, officials said in a release on Wednesday.

The Living Desert recommended to bidders that the name be associated with the giraffe's native Eastern Africa habitat.

Givner's young daughter chose the name 'big', and the Swahili translation was made. Now, Givner will receive a private giraffe feeding and a framed photo of Kubwa.

Officials said the $1,025 will directly support The Living Desert's conservation and preservation efforts.

A local 4 year old girl named Layla Henderson won the birth date contest, which received nearly 200 submissions.

Layla won a private giraffe feeding experience in which she can bring seven additional people, a family membership to The Living Desert for one year, and a commemorative giraffe plush, zoo officials said.

Kubwa was born on March 28 and is now on exhibit among the other giraffes. He was 128 lbs. and 5'9" tall at birth, but he's expected to double in size in the first year of his life.

Officials are still planning a baby shower and are expected to release more details in the near future.

New baby giraffe born at The Living Desert

POSTED: 07:46 AM PDT Apr 01, 2014    UPDATED: 03:38 PM PDT Apr 23, 2014 

A new baby giraffe was born at The Living Desert on Friday, March 28, at 2:52 a.m. He is now bonding with his mom Dadisi. He was named Kubwa (Coo-Bwa) which translates to 'Big' in Swahili.

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