Winter weather eases drought conditions, water restrictions still in effect

Stormy weather eases drought...

PALM DESERT, Calif. - After 5 years of drought,  wet weather and conservation efforts may have paid off for valley residents.

"We saw our programs reach unprecedented participation levels and saw a really significant amount of water savings. our cumulative savings is up near 25 percent," Coachella Valley Water District  Conservation Manager Katie Evans said.

The water district says its customers saved more than 7.6 billion gallons of water last year by finding ways to cut back. That's enough water to fill the entire city of La Quinta one foot deep. But even with the amount saved the water district says its important to continue cutting back, permanently.

"Conservation is a long term mindset here in the coachella valley when we live in the desert and our water supply is precious," Evans said.

Our water supply comes from Northern California and as the area continues to get hit with stormy weather, it quenches some of the areas supply. But Evans says not enough to make a full recovery.

"Having a wet winter is good for all of California but with that being said a couple of storms doesn't erase 5 years of drought," Evans said.

The water district says Monday and Thursday water restrictions are still in effect until March 31.

Next week, the State Water Board and Gov. Jerry Brown will meet in Sacramento to discuss the state's drought status.

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