Winds whip through valley, force road closures


THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - Gusty winds came howling into the valley, whipping sand all over the roads.  The brown-out conditions made for a dangerous commute for lots of drivers.  It also forced Palm Springs PD to shut down Gene Autry, Vista Chino and Indian Canyon at the wash.   "It's the wind, throwing cars around the road and stuff, just been a lot of dirt, not being able to see," said Don Woolley.  

Nobody feels the wind more than big rig drivers. Many heeding the warning about gusty conditions on the freeway.  Several stopped to take extra precautions to protect their loads and themselves.  "When you're high-profiled like this, and a little bit of weight, if you're not paying attention, you're going to be all over the place, all over the road," said Joe Carreras.  

The wind also caused issues for people spending time outside.  A group of soccer players in Desert Hot Springs adjusted their game to deal with the weather.  "Well, the ball moves, it moves every time when we're trying to get it, and when you shoot, it goes to the side or it curves," said Josue Lopez. 

While they try to keep the ball low, drivers work on getting home safely, asking others on the road to do the same. "When everyone is patient, and just takes their time, stays to right in this big rigs anyways, everything works out a lot better," said Carreras. 

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