Wildfires, hot temps stressing firefighters

Wildfires, hot temps stressing firefighters

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Firefighters in our area are on high alert with the potential for high fire danger.

With some resources from the Riverside County Fire Department sent to fight fires in other parts of the state, some firefighters have been working for days on end without time off.

A red flag warning is in effect for our area and temperatures are above normal. At a house fire in North Palm Springs on Monday afternoon firefighters were working in temperatures above 115 degrees.

"All personnel have been held on duty and we have extra engines for this fire," said Battalion Chief Rick Griggs with the Riverside County Fire Department. "We had sent six engine companies to this fire initially. We kept all six engine companies. Normally on a day when it's not 117 degrees we probably would have only need three or four of them."

Some firefighters in Riverside County have been sent to help fight fires in other parts of the state, leaving the ones left in our area having to work several days in a row.

"Many firefighters have been on for a number of days which can be trying on both them and their families," Griggs said.

Even with a red flag warning in place and fewer firefighters than normal in our area, the Riverside County Fire Department says it is ready for any emergency that comes it's way.

"Every fire station has equipment and there are additional firefighters on duty. We are just on duty for a little bit longer amount of time. We won't compromise anybody to help others. We have to be able to help ourselves at home first," Griggs said.


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