Wet 'N Wild opens this weekend as temperatures may reach 90s

Wet 'N Wild opens this weekend as temperatures may reach 90s

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - It's about that time to dip your toes in and make a splash.
"The sun is always shining in Palm Springs but we love to cool off," Wet 'N Wild general manager David Andrews Jr. said. 
Starting this weekend, you can do that at Wet 'N Wild on Gene Autry Trail.

The forecast shows we could reach the 90s this weekend, for the first time this year. Let's look at your options. 

The water is your best bet to stay cool, or you can relax in your own private cabana, or cool off with your favorite snack. It's the park you know and love, but Andrews calls it revamped and refreshed.

"We are refurbishing a lot of the areas making things fresh and new. We are going to polish up and make things look brand spanking new," Andrews said.

You'll also a brand spanking new attraction coming end of April, the Flow Rider.

"You lay down on a body board and surf on a never-ending wave out here. We're really excited for that to be open."

Also, season passes cost less than before, $55. Another new element - Wet 'N Wild really getting involved in the community. This Saturday, "If you bring in two cans you can get $10 off your daily admission to the part. All those donations go to Find Food bank."
Andrews said he hopes to work with more local charities in the future - making a splash in the charity scene as well.   

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