"If there's a generic, out there, I highly recommend going that way," offers Felix  "That alone has saved me over $1,000 dollars a month."

CVS and Rite Aid offer discounted pricing with a health savings card, and Walgreens has a similar savings card that requires a $20 per year subscription.

Felix says having a relationship with your pharmacist and physician can help.  They often have access to manufacturer's coupons that you don't.  But don't feel married to a particular drugstore. 

"I treat my prescriptions as I would any other purchase like I'm making for my family.  I shop around, I use coupons, I talk to my pharmacist," says Felix.

CBS Local 2 also looked into online discount sites and apps like Goodrx.  You type in where you live, and the medicine you're looking for, and it promises to find you the cheapest price in your area.  But we found that the prices given didn't always reflect what those stores were actually charging.

Wading through bills and paperwork has taken Felix a lot of time.  But she's matter of fact about what motivates her.

"It's really an investment in your health," she says.