Water fitness class not letting triple digits stop their workout

Water aerobics class not letting...

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Whether it's 114 or 120, it's going to be hot these next couple of days. But the water fitness class at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center isn't going to let the triple digits stop them from getting their workout in.

"I come here 3 days a week and then I walk before I get here. So this is the aftermath of the walk to cool down a bit, but you get a good workout here," said Andee Wright from Palm Desert.

They said if you're out early enough you don't even notice the heat.

"It's just sensational and it's so beautiful with the mountains and the palm trees. It's really paradise," said Don Franken who is visiting from out of town.

Franken is visiting from Playa del Rey and said he welcomes the extreme heat.

"Well it's no problem if you spend your time in the pool, indoors and barbecuing, having cocktails, hitting all the hot spots. And there's lots of hot spots today," Franken said.

But it's always important to take extra caution, even when you're in the pool and exercising early. That's where instructor Leslie Hunley comes in.

"And when the temperatures are like this everyone is always welcome to get their water. But I make sure we take more breaks than we normally would because you forget how hot it really is and you need to stay hydrated," said Hunley.

She also said people prefer water aerobics in the summer compared to the winter months.

"One of the things that's actually nicer when it's warm, like this, is we can do more yoga poses, more Pilates, more stretches, that we might not do in the winter classes. We can do more, bringing those arms up and pulling them down," said Hunley.

And while the pool is a great place to beat the heat, it's important to take breaks and limit your time in the sun when we reach triple digits.

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