Unseasonably warm winter weather is not only causing drought concerns, but now bees are showing up unusually early.  Normally bees are a part of spring, but our spring-like weather in February is apparently good enough for local swarms, and it made for one scary afternoon for one Rancho Mirage community. 

"They are very mad, they are in there," said Lisa Avalos. 

Avalos called us crying when bees invaded her home Tuesday.

"I saw one bee and I really didn't pay any attention in my house and again another and then more, but then I went upstairs and they were just all around in the rooms," said Avalos.

Dozens of bees come in buzzing through the attic and air vents.

"My daughter's room, you are not able to go in there," said Avalos.  "Scary, to get out of there, very scary, very scary.  I just had to get my kids out of there especially when they are allergic."

Lisa's apartment isn't the only one where bees have decided to move in, we are told several other apartments in this community are also experiencing problems. 

"A lot of bees have been swarming around properties and trees and communities," said pest control expert Barrett Toohey. 

Toohey, who owns Mr. Beez Pest Control, says he's gotten several calls this month about bees. 

"Normally in mid April I get a bunch of calls and this is my down month which is now starting to be a great month for me," said Toohey.

The reason behind the change Toohey says is all of the sunshine.

"The weather is getting warm and it is stirring up the bees and there is a lot of flowering going on so they are pollinating," said Toohey.

Toohey says in most cases, the bees are just looking for a home. 

"Try to keep out of their way, stay inside, the swarm is normally passing through," said Toohey.

But if they get into your home, like in Lisa's case, it's time to call the pros.

"Don't try to do anything yourself," said Toohey.

Lisa says that's exactly what the Villa Mirage apartment complex did. 

"They've been really helpful, trying to get everything out,  I don't want to sleep there tonight, so we are going to go somewhere else," said Avalos.