Video shows local coach punching student in the stomach

Beaumont coach on leave after punch caught on tape

Video shows Beaumont High School...

BEAUMONT, Calif. - A local high school football coach is on administrative leave and could possibly be facing legal charges after a video surfaced showing him allegedly punching a student in the stomach.

Cellphone video shows Beaumont High School football coach Will Martin punching a student in the stomach.  Other students in the room laughed.

The Beaumont Police first received the video of October 3rd which is the same day that Martin was put on administrative leave.

A meeting was held Monday night between parents and faculty at Beaumont High School, offering more questions than answers. Some students and parents saying the coach and the players were just horsing around.

"It was done in fun, he (Martin) jokes around with the kids all the time," said Anna McFarland, mother of a senior football player.

Some voiced their support of the football coach, by saying Martin should be reinstated.

The Beaumont Unified School District released a statement about the incident:

"On October 3, 2017, the Beaumont Unified School District administration was informed of allegations of misconduct by a Beaumont High School teacher. The teacher was immediately put on administrative leave and the district is conducting a thorough investigation." 

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