Verdict in Dobbs Murder

All Found Guilty Of Murder And Robbery

INDIO, CA - A verdict was reached at about 12:20 Tuesday afternoon.

Jackie Lynn Dunson, Fernando Benavidez and Ronald Handwerk, were found guilty of murdering Canadian businessman William George Dobbs back in 2007.

Dobbs' Body was found along Dillon Road near Indio back in November of 2007. Police say the group tried to rob Dobbs after luring him to an apartment to have sex with a woman for cash. The group then killed him after he gave them a false ATM pin number

All were found guilty of Murder with special circumstance of robbery.

Dunson's brother Robert Lee and Rogelio Zuniga, are also accused in the 2007 stabbing death but don't go to trial until later in June. Jackie Dunson, Benavidez and Handwerk will be sentenced June 22nd.

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