Vandals target Cathedral City neighborhood

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CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Surveillance video taken Thursday on Bel Air Drive in Cathedral City shows vandals in action. In the video, a car stops, a person gets out and smashes the window of a parked car. According to the Cathedral City Police Department, four vehicles and one home got vandalized. 

Julene Regner recently moved to the area and was surprised when we told her what happened. 

"Shocked," she said. "I walk twice a day every day with my dogs and I don't even really see that many people out it's been hot and I don't see that many kids or anything I'm just shocked that that would happen here." 

Art Gregoire moved to the neighborhood in 1995. 

"It's a neighborhood where people are involved in activities whether it's an art show or neighborhood watch or garage sales," he said.

Or, in this case -- catching vandals -- Gregoire tells us the people of the cove will close this case.

"I'm very determined and I'm not alone," he added. "I think the whole community has definitely wrapped itself around this as this we don't tolerate this in our neighborhood. This is not who we are. We take pride in our neighborhood we want it to be a safe neighborhood."

Many people, including Gregoire, installed surveillance cameras. They're now piecing together their video to help the Cathedral City Police Department.

"We don't have a problem here, we don't want a problem here and we are doing everything we can as individuals and a group to prevent something from happening," concluded Gregoire.

The Cathedral City Police Department said it is likely that all of the vandalism occurred Thursday evening, and each incident was reported at a different time. They are also confident the crimes are related. 

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