Valley hospitals & Rep. Ruiz stand united against American Healthcare Act

Rep. Ruiz & Valley Hospital CEO's u...

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Healthcare leaders in the Coachella Valley are standing united against the failed American Healthcare Act which was introduced as a replacement to Obamacare. 

Congressman Raul Ruiz along with CEO's from Desert Regional Medical Center, Eisenhower Medical Center and others, talked about the impacts the Coachella Valley healthcare providers and patients would face if the ACA gets repealed and replaced with the American Healthcare Act Bill.

"We share in the concerns of many that the path some of the draft legislative proposals could lead to instability for those seeking and offering healthcare services," said Michael Finney, interim CEO of Desert Regional Medical Center.

Each healthcare CEO sounded off on the healthcare bill losing coverage for medical and Medicaid patients. 

"Under the Affordable Care Act our number of medical patients tripled and the number of uninsured dropped dramatically," said Aubrey Serfling, President and CEO of the Eisenhower Medical Center. 

"So instead of like now, everybody gets covered regardless of the ability to pay and not be charged more for that. It would probably make many people not have access to insurance because they couldn't afford the coverage," Herb Shultze, CEO of the Desert Healthcare District.

Congressman Ruiz said the healthcare change would effect 60,000 patients in his district.

"Overwhelming all the leaders are in opposition to the ideas that Medicaid, medical program would fundamentally change and would leave millions uninsured. It is not a good idea to leave 24 million American uninsured," said Congressman Ruiz.

This meeting was lead by Congressman Ruiz's office. We reached out to Republican State Senator Jeff Stone for comment. So far we have not heard anything from him.


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