Valley couple frustrated with local misting system company

Valley couple frustrated with local misting system company

LA QUINTA, Calif. - Ron and Cheryl Sommer, of La Quinta, paid $800 for their misting system a year ago. It broke last month, drenching their patio and patio furniture.

"It's not usable. If we turned it on, water would be gushing," said Cheryl Sommer.

Gary's Outdoor Misting Systems installed the misters and promised a four-year warranty, all parts and labor included. But, the Sommers said the company's owner Gary Thayer didn't keep that promise.

"The misting system is broken and he has done nothing to fix it. He just won't return our calls," said Sommer.

Finally, someone with Gary's Outdoor Misting called them back, and agreed to fix it last Monday.

"We were delighted and they never showed. We stayed all day. They never returned our calls," she said.

So Ron and Cheryl asked us for help. We called the owner, too. No answer, so we left a message.

"Get back in touch with us. If you're out of town for two weeks or something, when you get back you can fix it, but don't ignore us," said Ron Sommer.

"I'm hoping they'll just come out and fix it. It's not a huge issue. We just can't use it until it's repaired," said Cheryl.

Check the Better Business Bureau to see what the company's track record is for fixing repairs. Read the contract look for deductibles also if there are any limits to the number of covered service calls you can make, and what could trigger a cancellation of a warranty. Don't be afraid to ask.

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